Why Do Horses Suffer Back Pain?

Horses are a unique animal. They are very large and can weigh 400kgs or more. Horses are also able to stand all day and night . Their incredible anatomy has a mechanism called the “Stay Apparatus” which allows the horse to switch on its’ Triceps muscle in the forelimbs and stabilise itself permitting it to sleep while standing with minimal muscular Activity. In fact horses can have remarkably little muscular tension.

Horses however do suffer with back problems and this can lead to lameness and gait difficulties . A phrase often used is “Cold Backed” . As we can all imagine for a horse with a sore back having a saddle and a rider on it’s back can be particularly uncomfortable. Chiropractic can help.

Animal Chiropractors are trained to assess animals for spinal lesions and joint and muscle lesions and injuries. Chiropractors can adjust the horses joints and vertebrae, plus release muscle tightness and strains. The result can be very dramatic as when a horse is treated you can often see the improvement immediately. This can give the horse a huge relief, particularly if he has to carry a saddle and rider . Horses are always quick to Thank-you for their adjustment with a grateful lick and shake.
Neil Gregory – Certified Animal Chiropractor