Chiropractic for Animals

Neil completed a graduate diploma in Animal Chiropractic in August 2013. He is now a certified member of the International Veterinary Chiropractors Association. Not many practitioners in Australia have this qualification as the training involves a long residential course in either the USA or Europe. During his training he treated many horses, donkeys, dogs and cats and learnt the skills required to treat all animals and birds.
Just like humans, animals suffer from spinal and joint pain. Although they cannot tell us where it hurts, when they are treated it is very common for instant relief to be felt, demonstration by an appreciative wag of the tail or kiss. An animal always says thank-you!
Please spread the word that Mona Vale Chiropractic Centre treats those with 4 legs as well as 2 legs!

Helping out at the American Regional Dog Agility Trials in Kansas, USA with good friend and fellow Animal Chiropractor, Sandy Battista who is practicing in Canada.  All breeds of dogs love regular Chiropractic care.

Why do Horses suffer from back pain?

Horses are a unique animal. They are very large and can weigh 400kgs or more. Horses are also able to stand all day and night . Their incredible anatomy has a mechanism called the “Stay Apparatus” which allows the horse to switch on its’ Triceps muscle in the forelimbs and stabilise itself permitting it to sleep while standing with minimal muscular Activity. In fact horses can have remarkably little muscular tension.

Horses however do suffer with back problems and this can lead to lameness and gait difficulties . A phrase often used is “Cold Backed” . As we can all imagine for a horse with a sore back having a saddle and a rider on it’s back can be particularly uncomfortable. Chiropractic can help.

Animal Chiropractors are trained to assess animals for spinal lesions and joint and muscle lesions and injuries. Chiropractors can adjust the horses joints and vertebrae, plus release muscle tightness and strains. The result can be very dramatic as when a horse is treated you can often see the improvement immediately. This can give the horse a huge relief, particularly if he has to carry a saddle and rider .
Horses are always quick to Thank-you for their adjustment with a grateful lick and shake.

Walking with your Dog

As a Chiropractor, I am always encouraging people to walk.

Walking helps us in so many ways. The main benefit is no doubt cardio vascular. However, how walking aids the mobility of our joints is what really enthuses me.

Taking our dog for a walk can make our walks both fun and exciting. Dogs help us to get motivated to walk.  Our dogs will always be so happy to go for their walk and their enthusiasm makes it much more fun, so we both benefit.  They need their walk and as a result we are propelled into our walk.  However, we must remember our dogs’ needs and limitations.
Charging off on a power walk may be great for us to stretch out, get the heart rate up plus opening up our joints.  Remember our dog’s needs can be different. They also want to sniff around for mental stimulation.  Our dogs need more than just physical exercise.   When your dog walks, it is usually the only time they get out and explore each day. Give them a little extra time to sniff around.

All those smells provide your dog with stimulation and information. It’s their way of keeping track of what’s going on in their neighbourhood.  This is also our opportunity to have a look around our neighbourhood.
You will be pleasantly surprised how exhausting a nice “sniffer” walk is with your dog, compared to a brisk 15 minute walk around the block with no sniff breaks.  We often only focus on the physical aspect of walking, but keep in mind that extra mental stimulation your dog gets from sniffing really adds up. Plus it gives you a chance to smell the roses yourself which is good for all dog owners.

Why not give the gift of an animal?

Any animal lover will appreciate how animals can be a huge asset to a family. TEAR Australia has a Useful Gift Catalogue where you can purchase items that will make a difference to a poor family and community. These gifts can be purchased at any time during the year. $50 will pay for a goat which in a farming community is a small business with horns. Find out more at