Voodoo Floss Compression Bands

Chiropractic treatments often involve alot more than you may initially expect. I have found that a new technique from the USA called voodoo floss banding gives great results.
Voodoo Floss Banding involves using a compression band wrapped around joints and muscles to improve range of motion and decrease swelling. It is very effective for ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, shoulders and strained muscles that have reduced motion, stiffness and pain. The compression and movement creates a shearing effect which restores sliding-surface function to the underlying tissues. Once the band is released, blood flows into poorly saturated joints and tissues.
It is also great for acute injuries where swelling is involved. Swelling can put a lot of pressure on nerve endings, reduce the joints range of motion and cause acute pain. The compression pushes the swelling into the lymphatic system where it can be drained. A lot of relief is felt immediately after.
Mitchell Roberts – Chiropractor