The true story of a kidney stone that disappeared

For a number of years I have been treating patients using SCENAR, which was invented in Russia and initially used for medical treatment for those involved in the space program. This week I had an amazing result. I treated a patient for lower back and neck pain. The patient had been diagnosed with a kidney stone which he was told required surgery. The kidney stone was contributing to his back pain which prompted his visit to see me.

I treated him using Chiropractic manipulation and SCENAR. A week later he went back to his GP for a follow-up scan. He had been told this was required before finalisizing the surgery to remove the kidney stone. To everyone’s amazement the kidney stone had disappeared. When asked by the GP what he had done the previous week all he could think of was the SCENAR treatment.

This really reinforced to me how the body has an incredible ability to heal itself when we give it a bit of help.

Neil Gregory