“I recently became a CIA…”

“I recently became a CIA – not a secret agent but a Certified Instrument Adjusting Chiropractor. After doing a course in the USA, I completed the training in Sydney last month. This primarily makes use of an Impulse adjusting device. I have found great success using this technique, especially on foot problems such as heal pain and plantar fasciitis. Sufferers of foot pain know only too well how uncomfortable and debilitating this can be.

I realise that I must be getting old when last week I treated a 20 month old little boy for a hip issue. Not only have I been treating his mother since she was a young girl, but my father, Martin Gregory (who started Mona Vale Chiropractic Centre in 1977) treated her as a baby.

It is certainly a family affair, as the little boys grandparents are both regular patients at Mona Vale Chiropractic Centre. It only seemed liked yesterday that I was treating my own 20 month old son – he is now 25 years old! How time goes past ever so quickly”

Neil Gregory